Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Charleston, WV

Who could resist you?
Oh, how you tantalized

Your threadbare imprecations
your hemp heavy knots
The verdant cilice
of homespun pathos…

…Cloaking every resolution
to leave you.

My cankerous courtesan

My mutant genius
staving every metaphor
of ‘wild ‘n wonderful’ filth.
Until today.

Treasures stacked in
carnivorous remembrance
rented yellow truck, and

…it all spills out…

more flea than tabby
runt of the litter.
You memorized my ankles
with such fantastic contortions
how could I move without hurting you?
Purring such sweet rumbled nothings
small wonder
I never felt claws.

Your vermin besotted hillsides
of fallow promise
and such lush lies
are behind me now
says my rearview mirror

And ancient homespun
like dead kittens
and leprodic tramps
will ball into dust,
someday, one day
blow away.

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